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Various Medicare Companies

Due to Medicare's strict guidelines we are not able to state which companies we work with, however, we work with quite a few.
We offer Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage plans, most companies starting with a $0 monthly plan. Many of the companies offer Dental and Vision included or as an extra add on.
We can help if you live in the following states: FL, NY, NC, OH, TN, and TX.
Whether you are NEW to Medicare or currently a Medicare Recipient--Let us help you make the proper decision.
Fill out a request for info and we will be happy to contact you at your convenience.
To work with us, we can offer a few different ways:  Phone, Email where a link can be sent to you to follow and answer your own questions, or by appointement where you come to see us or we come to you.  Please keep in mind, we are located in New York (between Buffalo and Rochester).    Each of the Medicare companies that we work with have their guidelines on how we can offer a policy.  These are strict guideline to protect  you.