First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association

Life Insurance & Annuity/IRA or Non-IRA

First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association is a faith based insurance company that offers Life Insurance, Annuities and Scholarships to their members families.  Becoming a member through FCSLA does have it's perks!  We have been granted the opportunity to work directly with FCSLA offering life insurance (0-90 depending on the product) and Annuities (IRA or Non-IRA).  The Annuities get no less than 2%!  The 10 year product starts out at 3.25% (from 10/1/2020-12/31/2020).  Does your CD or current IRA or Annuity offer the same?  You can also start up an annuity with $250...what other company does that?  Roll over your current IRA or Annuity!  Contact our agency today!  Fill out the "get quote" form and submit!